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I'm glad we're all of a sudden using this again.. here's a good read:

[30 Aug 2005|11:03am]

when your life falls apart always remember
that i will be the one who will stay to help
you pick the pieces up && when the rest
of the world walks out on you remember
not to close the door because i am the one who
will be walking in to help you through it all .

thats for ya'll :)

.............One year later..........

November 13,2006
XxCait17xX: so why didnt you think it was funny?
BtaTHAiZZle4: cause it was fake and retarted and shes an idiot
XxCait17xX: lol
BtaTHAiZZle4: basically
XxCait17xX: she has a right to say what she said
XxCait17xX: you guys both hate her for no reason
BtaTHAiZZle4: i dont hate her
BtaTHAiZZle4: and she can ssay what ever she wants
XxCait17xX: ok well lauren hates her
BtaTHAiZZle4: and ill just respond with waht i want
BtaTHAiZZle4: i think shes an idiot and i think that lauren should hate her after the things weve heard she said
XxCait17xX: yes, good point
XxCait17xX: the things you've HEARD
XxCait17xX: its all bull shit briana. lizzy doesnt say those things
XxCait17xX: you know what ive heard that lauren and you have said about us?
XxCait17xX: a lot of shit
BtaTHAiZZle4: i dont care anymore caitlin. i dont, this has ended so long ago. its over, i could care less
XxCait17xX: im kinda pissed at myself
XxCait17xX: its my fault you and fallon ended up together. and its my fault you and lauren became so close.

----->>BtaTHAiZZle4: well it worked out for the better for me

XxCait17xX: and now im completely out of their lives and yours
XxCait17xX: thats the spirit briana.
BtaTHAiZZle4: i don care anymore caitlin
BtaTHAiZZle4: im happy with EVERYTHING right now
XxCait17xX: im pretty sure you never cared. you've always been focused on whats in it for you and now that YOU'RE happy nothing else matters.
XxCait17xX: you're welcome for making your life perfect
BtaTHAiZZle4: what the fuck are you saying?
BtaTHAiZZle4: can you explain to me how its always been about me
BtaTHAiZZle4: becasue im fucking curious
XxCait17xX: BtaTHAiZZle4: well it worked out for the better for me
BtaTHAiZZle4: yea
BtaTHAiZZle4: you want to make stupid asss comments and ill retaliate
XxCait17xX: you dont even consider me
BtaTHAiZZle4: im happy now caitlin and if you cant just let go of the fact that we arent friends anymore then what ever
BtaTHAiZZle4: im over it, ive been over it
XxCait17xX: no bri i dont give a fuck about you anymore. i care about lauren
XxCait17xX: 12 years i was best friends with her
XxCait17xX: its easy for you to move from friends to friends.. danielle... me and lizzy.. and now weaver and dicer and them
BtaTHAiZZle4: caitlin
BtaTHAiZZle4: just drop it
BtaTHAiZZle4: your wasting your time
XxCait17xX: yup
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